Seda“I wouldn’t have thought that I’d enjoy contemporary music this much!”This is a sentence I heard many times after concerts. Now, on a Monday morning, I am thinking that with the right mindset, there is no reason why one shouldn’t enjoy contemporary music! And actually, I believe overcoming that hindering feeling against contemporary music could help us grow in real life as well.

Here is how:

Music is an adventure, remain an open-minded explorer! Can you imagine how much interesting music is out there to be discovered? When was the last time you listened to something totally new, or are you one of those guys who has the same playlist on shuffle mode since years? Yes, music is an adventure (and contemporary music is even more so); just like real life! Don’t get too comfortable in old structures. Shake off your dust and stretch your legs for the run of your life!

Have a constructive mindset to focus on sound and think about the positive not about the negative effects: Can you really find absolutely nothing likable about this person/this thing? Hmm. Seriously? … What does this say about you?

Don’t use “too complicated” as an excuse! Neither in real life nor in music ignorance shouldn’t be the answer to deal with a complicated situation. Yes, sure. Contemporary music can be complicated. But don’t let those complications get into your way. The “structures” are only the means to make music and not the purpose of the music. (If we wanted to do brain gymnastics, we’d go play chess, right?;-) Btw, if that “too complicated” were really an excuse not to listen to a piece of music, most of us would have to stop listening to Renaissance and Baroque music all together! This is to say, older music is just as intellectually challenging as newer music;-) It is just “easier” to bare because we are “used to it”. Sooo;

Give it a second, third or fourth chance! Don’t judge the entire species of Contemporary Music based upon a negative encounter with a small fraction. Of course, not everything that is out there can be good. We’re surrounded with lots of superficiality. So, we have to dig deeper and not stay on the surface; because the more facets we can discover the more divine and relevant a piece of art becomes! This is why we still go crazy about Bach or Beethoven … Imagine how many great things you’d have missed if you turned your back to things that won’t immediately speak to you …

and remember: always listen first to make up your own mind!

Happy Mondays to y’all;-)
— Seda