Seda3On May 17th, I will play a program by Austrian and American composers at the Aspekte Festival. The motto of the evening is “Cross-Atlantic Soundscapes” presenting music inspired by local or foreign cultures. The first half of the concert concentrates on women composers from Austria and on their solo piano works (from my recent CD “Black and White Statements”). The second half of the concert consists of chamber works by Amy Williams, Jacob Gruchmann (for flute/piano), and by Henry Cowell (for violin/piano).

I heard Amy’s music for the first time in 2010, when I was still at Harvard. It struck me immediately as something very special. Finally I get to play it myself:-) “First Lines” is a very clear, thoughtful and colorful piece, consisting of 11 small “sonic poems” inspired by her stay in Italy. Similarly Jakob Gruchmann, a rising star of the Austrian contemporary scene, gets inspired by landscapes and cities of Italy (this time, as described in Italo Calvino’s “le città invisibili”). For both pieces, I will be accompanied by my good friend Irmi Messin (who is the principal flutist of the famous OENM! Yay!) The final of the concert comes with Henry Cowell, the “guru” of the American music! The piece “Hommage to Iran” is inspired by his extended stay in Iran. In this piece, he is mimicking the sound of an Iranian drum by a piano!, accompanied by lush oriental melodies of the violin. On the violin will be my new discovery, the 17 year old Chiara Sannicandro!

And … there will be plenty of time for a chat at the Meet&Greet reception after the concert!

Hope to see you there!
— Seda
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“Cross-Atlantic Soundscapes” as described at the Aspekte Festival Website:

“Cross-Atlantic Soundscapes”, das Motto des Konzerts der gerade von erfolgreichen Konzerten in den USA zurückgekehrten türkischen Pianistin Seda Röder am 17. Mai, könnte auch als Motto der gesamten Aspekte 2014 dienen. Ein Programm der umgekehrten Quote – 5 Komponistinnen aus Europa und USA treffen auf Österreichs Jungstar Jakob Gruchmann und auf einen Klassiker der Moderne aus Amerika, Henry Cowell.

Johanna Doderer Liszten to … Totentanz
Katharina Klement tatsächlich ohne Ausdruck
Alexandra Karastoyanova-Hermentin Lintarys
Manuela Kerer Dla Rajun
Amy Williams First Lines für Flöte und Klavier
Jakob Gruchmann Unsichtbare Städte (UA) für Flöte und Klavier
Henry Cowell Hommage to Iran für Violine und Klavier

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