Seda Röder is an adventurous musician with an artistic vision of “walking through life with open ears to discover fascinating sounds”. Her passion for exploring uncharted musical grounds and creating refreshing aural experiences for her audience make Ms. Röder one of the most engaging pianists of her generation.

Her insightfully curated concert programs and startling interpretations bring her acclaim as an artist with a remarkably deep understanding of the newest sonic developments in the classical world. ‘You are a master of avant-garde pianism!’ the legendary Alfred Brendel once remarked, impressed with Ms. Röder’s artistry. ‘Your dialogues with silence captivated me.’

With numerous of world premieres and over ten new compositions dedicated to her each year, Ms. Röder is devoted to promoting the music of our time. But moreover she is devoted to looking beyond the surface to make a deeper experience of music possible for everyone who is eager to “walk through life with open ears”!

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Recent CDs

Black and White Statements

Discover the sound of modern Austria with Seda Röder!

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Listening to Istanbul

Explore the soundscape of the vivid metropolis between East and West.

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Three generations of master composers from Vienna!

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