Project Description

“Blackbox” is a series of podcasts with over 3000 followers! I created it as a kind of
“blackbox” for my musical journeys in which I share my day to day experiences with the music of our time, and designed the episodes in such a way that the subjects I discuss will be easily approachable for everyone.

Blackbox #001: A conversation with Tolga Yayalar
Blackbox #002: Listening to Stockhausen’s Klavierstück IX
Blackbox #003: How Méandres meanders
Blackbox #004: My Chamber Music Partner is a Computer!
Blackbox #005: Fuchs vs. Brahms – 1 : 1
Blackbox #006: HYDRA in a Winter Night
Blackbox #007: “A Child’s Play” Listening to Helmut Lachenmann
Blackbox #008: Reinventing Dissonance and its Resolution
Blackbox #009: It’s OK if it’s rhythmic!
Blackbox #010: New sounds … New techniques …
Blackbox #011: Beethoven and Electronics
Blackbox #012: The Music of Noise