Project Description


Create Permanence is an interactive web application that allows you to create and download your own version of “Permanence” – a piece for solo piano in open form by the Turkish composer Tolga Tüzün. The music consists of freely organized composed segments and improvisations that are based on the spectral analysis of a chant recording featuring a Syriac monk from Anatolia.

Permanence” by Tüzün is the first track on Seda Röder’s 2010 album “Listening to Istanbul”. The CD brings together six pieces by younger generation Turkish composers whose music represents the vivid and quickly changing atmosphere that Istanbul radiates into the world.

On the website of Create Permanence you will find segments and improvisations that were recorded for the Listening to Istanbul album plus additional segments that were intended specifically for this web application. In the web application you can re-arrange these segments and improvisations, and download your own version of Permanence!

Have fun playing with Create Permanence!